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Linton Parish, Kent

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Welcome to the Linton Parish website


Linton is getting a new website!

This site is provided for Linton by KCC - and we are grateful to them for giving us this free facility to use. They are changing the underlying management system that supports the site to a "Wordpress" system, and that will mean a complete change in appearance and a complete overhaul of the content. Once that has been done, we hope to start to add new content regularly, as we used to do.

In the meantime, please bear with us .. the new site is under construction now, and we hope to have it in use within the next week or two. Watch this space!


Jerry Whitmarsh

Chairman, Linton PC


Trimming Hedges and Trees

Linton is fortunate to have a lot of attractive country lanes and footpaths lined by hedges and trees – but at this time of the year they can and do become a real nuisance. The Parish Council is appealing to all property owners and occupiers in Linton to make sure that all lanes, roads and especially pavements and footpaths that adjoin their property are kept clear of overhanging vegetation. If pedestrians are forced to step into the road, or car drivers’ visibility is reduced, that is very unsafe…

So please, make the most of the nice summer weather and get trimming!

Thank you..


A message from the PC Chairman:

To all Linton residents, and other interested parties:

As you may be aware, planning applications have now been submitted in respect of a development of 13 houses in Vicarage Field, and the provision of a parking space at the rear of the Village Hall. At my request, Alan Firmin Ltd have arranged a drop-in event at the village hall to provide details of what is proposed.. this is scheduled for 18 July from 4pm to 8pm. I would encourage everyone to come if they can and see what is involved. I am sorry for the short notice but I have been away and have only just now got back.

If you aren't able to attend, details of all the documentation submitted is available here: planning documents - the planning reference is 16/505401/FULL. The application in respect of the Village Hall car park is available here.

As you may also know, I have never been enthusiastic about housing development in Linton of any kind. However this proposal is at the least more attractive than its predecessors, in several ways. It is also noticeable that of what little recent building there has been - the New House in Wheelers land, Redwall Barn, and Rose Court in Vanity Lane - all of these are occupied by folk who do contribute more than their share to the community life of the village.

I have not decided how to vote when the time comes. I will make the best decision for Linton that I can, and vote accordingly, and I am sure the other Parish Councillors will do the same. In the meantime I am very interested to hear any views you may have. However I would say that the decision is not a one-sided one - and you should beware of any who think that it is

Feel free to (politely!) contact me by email

Kind regards

Jerry Whitmarsh

Chairman, Linton Parish Council



New Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator appointed!

Pat Burden is Linton's new NHW Co-ordinator.

Click here to read a message from her




Yoga at Linton Village Hall


David Lee, an experienced and highly recommended Yoga  teacher , would like to run a weekly class at Linton Village Hall on Thursday 7 to 8 pm. Suitable for all abilities, the cost would be £7 per person for each session.


If you are interested please contact Jane Brooker on 01622746067 or email:







Please let us have your news about the village so it can be included on the website pages.  Information can we submitted to the webmaster via the link on the left.

Linton is situated in the countryside, about three miles south of Maidstone on the Greensand Ridge.

 We enjoy panoramic views out across the Weald of Kent and into Sussex...

Want to see a map of Linton?

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