Sunday, 26 October 2014

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The Yuletiders’ Christmas Lunch

The Lunch, this year, will be on Tuesday 9th December.
Invitations will be sent out in October.
If you know of anyone new who has moved into Linton recently who is over 65 and would like an invitation, 
please contact Jane Sawyer on 01622 746659 or


The response from Linton Parish Council to the proposed Park & Ride scheme can be found here

Please let us have your news about the village so it can be included on the website pages.  Information can we submitted to the webmaster via the link on the left.

Linton is situated in the countryside, about three miles south of Maidstone on the Greensand Ridge.

 We enjoy panoramic views out across the Weald of Kent and into Sussex...

Want to see a map of Linton?

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