Allotment Gardens, Linton

Linton Allotments…

Allotments, Linton

… are situated in Wheelers Lane. They have been there for more than 70 years, and they are still going strong. There were originally 18 full plots, most of which have now been subdivided into two. Water is available on site.

At one time they were almost derelict, but the allotments now are a thriving and fertile place producing bumper crops. Linton Parish Council sees the allotments as an asset to Linton, and has invested money in a programme of improvements, carried out mainly with volunteer labour under the wise guidance of the Allotments Manager, Jane Sawyer. Renting an allotment has many advantages:

  • Fresh air and healthy exercise, much cheaper than joining a gym!
  • Top class organic vegetables, much cheaper and much fresher than buying them in a supermarket!
  • A social scene, with friendly fellow tenants and regular events such as seed/plant swaps and open afternoons
  • Wonderful education and exercise opportunity for children and young people
A working party in November 2016 takes a short break. The Allotments Manager, Jane Sawyer, is third from left, David Sendles at left in the fetching orange boiler suit. Photo taken by Nick Drewe


Keep going for ever, like Ron Page – an allotment holder for over 40 years

Would you like an allotment? Of course you wouldbecause then you will be eating produce like this:



Not surprisingly, the allotments are now fully let, but vacancies do occur quite regularly. So if you would like to apply, or are just thinking about it and would like more details or a look around, please do get in touch! Contact details above..

Telephone the Allotments Manager, Jane Sawyer on 01622 746659 or email her…

A working party transports communal compost onto the individual plots….


Allotment Working Party

  Alltomt working party