Hunton Hill to be closed for ELEVEN WEEKS!

We have known for some time that to fit a new water main, SE Water want to close Hunton Hill for an extended period. We have been liaising with our Hunton colleagues to monitor events and see that the diversions that have to be put in place are appropriate. This article in the Downs Mail […]

2018 Parish Annual Meeting

Linton’s 2018 Parish Meeting took place on Tuesday, 24 April. About 28 members of the public and the Parish Council were present. That is better than last year but still a bit disappointing, for a village with about 500 voters. Why not come along, next year, and bring a friend?! Formal minutes of the meeting […]

9 April 2018 – Parish Council Meeting

The DRAFT minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of 12 March 2018 are available here … They will be approved at the next meeting and in the meantime the draft may be added to or amended Comments & Feedback are welcomed  

Linton Archivist

At a recent Parish Council meeting, David Sendles was appointed as Linton’s first ever Official Linton Archivist –  within living memory, at any rate. He will act as custodian for a growing collection of photographs, old documents and similar memorabilia relating to Linton, including a large bequest of items from Mary Price. Like our other […]

Snow hits Linton!

Linton disappeared this week (27 February 2018) under more than a foot of snow. A229 Linton Hill was blocked for a while on Tuesday night and several minor roads and lane passable only with extreme care and ideally, 4WD. Temperatures plummeted and -8degC was recorded overnight. Some photographs: