Housing Development in Linton

Housing Development in Linton – do we need it or not?

 Vicarage Field Pear orchard

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As many Linton residents are aware, Linton Parish Council has been approached by the owners of Vicarage Field, Linton (Messrs Alan Firmin Ltd) who wish to gauge public opinion regarding a housing development on the site.

No formal planning application has been submitted as yet, but illustrations have been drawn up to show what might be done. More details about the current proposal, for a development of 24 properties, of which 40% would be affordable housing, are available here.

The site is designated as being part of a special landscape area. It also includes a part of the Linton Conservation Area. The portion of the site within the Conservation Area would include an access road, lighting, and a junction with the A229, but it would not be built on. The current proposal is that it would be landscaped, and would have trees planted.

If and when a planning application is submitted, Linton PC will express their views on it to Maidstone Borough Council, the decision making body. Although the Parish Council has no power to determine the application one way or the other, it is expected that their views will carry some weight. In addition, the applicants may make a request to include the land within the forthcoming MBC Strategic Development Plan as a potential housing development site. If the request is granted, it would make the approval of a subsequent planning application more likely. The Parish Council may also express a view, either for or against such a request. A similar request was made in 1998, but was refused.

Although there is considerable governmental pressure to increase housing levels in the South East, including within the Maidstone area, Linton has not been asked to contribute to this effort and there is no current likelihood that we shall be. Therefore, we are free to make our own decisions as to what we feel is in our best interests as a Parish, without pressure either way.

Because of the importance of this issue – the current proposals would increase the number of houses in Linton by just over 10% – the Parish Council want to hear your views. Therefore a questionnaire is being issued to everyone in the Parish who is on the electoral roll.


The level of the response to the questionnaire will inevitably be used as a guide to the level of interest within the Parish about this issue. Whether you have strong views or not, please do take the time to answer the questions and return the form, in the stamped envelope provided.

Very little new housing has been built in Linton in recent years. There are a number of arguments that have been put, both in favour of this or a similar development, and also against it. Because this website is managed on behalf of Linton Parish Council, who have so far expessed no view either way, they are not included here. The wording of the information sheet that accompanies the questionnaire is available here

If you do have views on the proposed development, please be sure to make them heard. As well as completing the questionnaire, which has room for additional comments, why not contribute to the Linton Message Board? Click here!