Linton Defibrillator!

Linton has a new defibrillator! Well, almost..

Following a suggestion from the Village Hall trustees, the Parish Council has arranged for a defibrillator to be acquired and installed on the outside wall of the Village Hall. At the time of writing, the defibrillator has been delivered and the casing affixed to the hall wall, and a power supply run to it. The defibrillator itself still needs a little final assembly and this is expected to take place soon.

A further announcement will be made here when the defibrillator is fully operational

Defibrillators are not cheap, and the Parish Council is very grateful for grants and donations it has received to assist with the cost, from:

Kent County Council (thanks to Cllr Paulina Stockell)

Linton Walkers (thanks to Jerry Whitmarsh)

Staplehurst Masonic Lodge (thanks to Bob Garrett, Bull Inn licensee)

A demonstration of the defibrillator, to show what it involves and how it works, has been arranged for 7.30pm on Monday, 27 November 2017 at the Village Hall. Please come!