Linton’s Monthly Walks

Linton Walkers on the Thames Estuary, near Cliffe Fort

Some Linton Walkers on the Thames Estuary, near Cliffe Fort


Linton’s Monthly Walks

The monthly walks take place all year round, on the FIRST Sunday of every month (except January, when it is always on New Year’s Day). They are somewhat longer than the weekly outings, and are usually between 6 and 8 miles or so. They start at 11am (prompt!) and they include a stop for refreshments at a pub, at some point around half way, finishing by 3-3.30pm. They are designed to reach parts that the shorter weekly outings cannot manage, and may involve a longer drive to the meeting point, though usually within 30 minutes of Linton by car. They are designed to be easy for any reasonably fit person to manage, and they are a walk not a route march. Proper walking gear is recommended. If you are not quite sure if you can walk this distance comfortably, or feel a bit rusty, why not come along to one of the weekly walks first..

Organising the monthly walks takes quite a lot of work, and so far it hasn’t been possible to build up a programme for a whole year ahead, as we do with the weekly walks. But every month, an email is sent out to everyone who has provided their details, giving all the necessary information about the following month’s walk. Also, we maintain a map, which you can see here, which provides the starting point for each walk. It is updated each month to include the following month’s starting point and we will also include any other future walks which have been confirmed.

If you would like to attend a monthly walk you would be most welcome. Please contact the organiser, Jerry Whitmarsh for walk details, meeting point etc., see the link at right of each page of this site, or phone him on 01622 747572. Or just turn up! We love well-behaved dogs, and they are more than welcome..

The walks involve a pub stop, around the half way point...

The walks involve a pub stop, around the half way point…



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