Welcome to Linton’s New Website!


Our new website is now live! Please have a look around…

The new site is far more flexible and adaptable (and more complicated to manage!) than the old one was. It has lots of new features, such as the ability to comment on posts like this one. So do let us know what you think .. you can comment at the bottom of this page. That will be public for all to see, though it may not appear immediately as comments have to be filtered to remove spam etc. Alternatively, you can use the “contact us” link button on the front page to send something to us or the Parish Council direct.

We are particularly interested in suggestions of all (polite!) kinds .. if you see a page that is missing, or out of date, or (heaven forfend) with a typo, or you like or don’t like the layout or colours .. let us know!

You can also subscribe to new posts, so you will automatically be advised in future when new pages appear.

At the moment, much of the content is the same as the old site .. there are over 100 pages and it will take time to go through them all, never mind adding more. But something will be written or updated each week.. and we will provide regular posts saying what has been changed. Is there something you would like to see? Let us know!

Finally, please do bear in mind that the site is run by unpaid voluntary labour, and not by journalists .. we would love to have something here about your upcoming event, your pet subject, your suggestion for Linton – and if you write it, we will publish it if we can. Over to you!